Picture of Duane Pool

Duane Pool

Austin, United States



Date Certified: May 2, 2013

A self-described cultural creative, social media intuit, fact seeking advocate, progressive political junkie, introvert/ extrovert and hopeless dog lover. I am also a freelancing solo-preneur dedicated to social good through social media. I have a special interest in working with small businesses, cooperatives, nonprofits, and political campaigns.

I am an advocate for a free, open, inclusive internet and for impartial access to information. I am passionate about empowering everyone to have equal access to create a digital footprint that allows competition on a fair and level playing field. I am passionate about facilitating collaboration and collective solutions through social media tools and platforms. Contributing to ideas such as growing a sustainable economy, promoting transparency and liquid democracy appeal to me as these are core values that define our collective future from our past. Last but not least, I am dedicated to helping individuals and organizations facilitate dialogue, raise awareness, and develop long-term relationships built on brand trust and customer loyalty.

If I had to give you a "one- liner" to describe what I do, I would tell you "my job is to help you to find your vibe to connect with your tribe" to amplify your message. I look forward to talking with you about how to raise your brand's visibility by successfully amplifying your message to your target audience. Check out my portfolio, follow my blog "Skillful Means"or drop me a line in the comment section. I look forward to collaborating with you on your next project or campaign.