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Cathleen Tyson

Amarillo, TX Texas, United States


Date Certified: Jul 25, 2010

Cathleen Tyson, a Texan by most standards, having a diverse experience ranging in areas like TV/Radio, graphic design, music stage and performance, printing/pre-press, social media and web development. 24 years plus in Graphic Design, 6.5 years in Art Direction at an ad agency, 5 years in web design, 6 years in Social Media, 4 opera performances, 3 years in Television/Radio and 1 year in Joomla Development. I pick up new applications quickly and enjoy working in a team environment; as well as self-motivated, and love meeting new people. I also have held officer positions in organizations, where speaking in public was a necessity.

While still working for APLX Advertising as an Art Director, I volunteered after work hours. Through the years, I have been involved with many community organizations. They needed help, and I found it an opportunity to learn more about the advertising and internet process. I volunteered with the Amarillo Youth Choir, Amarillo Opera (a professional opera company), and First Baptist Church of Amarillo creating printed media campaigns, themes, and fund raiser brochures; and then developed web sites for AYC and FBC. Somewhere in all those years, I did receive money occasionally when they had money to supplement my income. The knowledge and experience I have gained was priceless. I was in charge of the campaigns and artwork for the Amarillo Opera Season Productions from 1996 through 2009 working with the well-known Founder/Artistic Director, Mila Gibson.

The latest campaign I am working on is with the FriendsofFogelberg.com where I combine their Facebook page, Twitter and Blog interacting to gain visibility and to raise money for prostate cancer screening and educational materials about the disease.

Currently, I host and design web sites using Joomla, and html. I service several of my client’s social media accounts and designing their brand, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Friendfeed. I work with the Houston Yellow Pages through Best Publications, and service their social media as a part time job, but am looking for a more permanent position or more social media accounts.

Social Network Setup for all accounts in Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed

Twitter.com/explorehtown Twitter.com/clearlaketexas
Twitter.com/allinonedomains Twitter.com/houstongolocal
Twitter.com/THEbestredbook Facebook.comBEST-Publications-LLP
Facebook.com/ExploreHoustoncom/ Facebook.com/ExploreClearLakecom
Friendfeed.com/explorehouston Friendfeed.com/exploreclearlake
Freinds of Fogelberg Twitter Facebook Blog

I had a friend that introduced me to LinkedIn around 8 years ago, finding more and more connections that shared other networks to join, such as Ecademy, Naymz and Twitter, my professional networks have grown with leaps and bounds. I am forever fortunate to meet those I have come across in the years to have as my mentors, Lars Hilse, Mike Burgess, Mark Kane and Simon Hamer to name but a few.

Mike Burgess, Mark Kane and I have worked on a project in Federal Way, Washington where we are setting up a community portal - FederalMarketPlace.com. There are contributing authors, events, and news articles supporting the local community. It would make me feel wonderful to know I could help someone along the way with this site, and make this world a better place, neighborhood to neighborhood.

Also excited to be working a project with Lars Hilse in the near future.

Lived in Phoenix a third of my life and Texas the rest.

"My focus is more on internet and web design, although my background is in graphic design as a specialty. I realize the wealth of knowledge and the reaches of networking around the world does not limit us to our small neighborhood. Through surrounding myself by others with positive attitudes and knowledge, I strive to continue to teach and learn from others."

Proactive networker. Will you join me?