Picture of Rob Bell

Rob Bell

Wakefield, United Kingdom


Date Certified: Jun 1, 2010

I'm Rob Bell, from a small city called Wakefield, in West Yorkshire - the North of England for those of you on distant shores :) I already teach people how to use Hootsuite and Social Media to further business goals, but the idea of being a Certified Hootsuite Professional certainly appeals to me, as a sign of proficiency, and a way to give something back to Hootsuite in the form of membership fees - heck the idea of teaching here does too - if you Hootsuite folks need someone, give me a shout!

I run a web design company, and a web apps deployment (Cloud Computing) firm - I'm not always full-time - I have a disability I got from falling from the sky too fast a couple of times - the falls weren't what hurt me though - the sudden stops at the end did all the damage! :-D

Don't be afraid to say 'hello' :)

I'm @robbell on Twitter, robbell on Facebook, and robbelluk on LinkedIn - look me up, that would be cool B-)