Picture of Al Boxall-Gordon

Al Boxall-Gordon

Wakefield, United Kingdom

Date Certified: May 31, 2010

Hello fellow Hooter. I am looking forward to meeting lots of like minded people on this programme and as well as all the learning and great stuff that goes on here.

A little bit about what I do. I own and manage an Information Marketing and Internet Marketing Consultancy Business. I first got involved in the Internet in 1997 with the basic programming and have enjoyed seeing vast changes over the years. Like HootSuite I too eat my own dog food and as an entrepreneur enjoy running different types of websites to practice what I preach and share what I learn. I have experience of running a wide range of Internet businesses including e-commerce and information marketing. I am particuarly fascinated about the free marketing tools on the Internet that we have at our disposal. They are so vast that I often find it difficult to keep up, so I can see why it's so hard for many of my clients.

I am on the programme as I hope to propel my learning further into the realms of social media to share great marketing with my clients and other businesses for the good of mankind. You may also like to know that I run the business whilst raising 3 young lively children (aged 2, 4 and 6). It is great fun and also very challenging at times.

Buzz Internet Marketing is therefore geared towards my area of specialist expertise....supporting businesses with restricted time and resources and targeting those activities that make the most difference in leveraging businesses to the next level.