Picture of Allison Hunter

Allison Hunter

Fairfax, United States



Date Certified: Apr 19, 2012

My name is Allie Hunter and I am the founder of the after school program Kids At Play. This free program is offered to elementary-aged children to provide them with a safe environment for physical activity and to foster a healthy lifestyle and a young age. Kids At Play aims to instill a fit and active lifestyle for all the children who participate. The program also aims to work closely with parents to help better improve the program to address their child's specific needs!

I am a current student at George Mason University and am working towards a Communications degree with a minor in non-profit studies. I had a very active lifestyle while growing up and I find it very important to instill these values on today's younger generation, especially with the excess of distractions that may keep a child inside, rather than outside and active. With my skills in social media I am hoping to connect to more families and be open to conversation to make the company more beneficial and successful for all those involved.