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Location: Fargo, ND, United States

Website: www.sundog.net

Twitter: @dahlalyssa

Date Certified: 28 Dec 2010

HootSuite Certified Professional

Alyssa Dahl

Alyssa is a Data and Social Analyst at Sundog, a marketing and technology company in Fargo, ND. She measures the effectiveness of websites/online ads, creates customized dashboards/presentations and concentrates on social monitoring and building social strategies.

Alyssa was introduced to social media six years ago and since then it has grown into a passion of hers. Her current favorite social media tool is HootSuite and favorite network is Facebook. She enjoys keeping tabs on industry leaders, friends, news and blogs on Twitter utilizing the 'List' feature. She also loves using the Flipboard application in the iPad to keep up to date on the most current events and trends.

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