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Alfred Eastin

Greeley, United States



Date Certified: Mar 1, 2014

Business Student | Marketing and Branding Enthusiast | Lifelong Learner | Personal Branding Strategist |


I am a junior marketing major at the University of Northern Colorado Monfort College of Business, due to graduate in the spring of 2015. I am involved in various other organizations on campus including Student Senate, Campus Recreation, and two Greek organizations. In the summer of 2013 I had the privilege to work for Jones International as an accounting/marketing intern. Long term goals include business leadership consulting as well as marketing and branding for smaller businesses.

The passion I have obtained for branding, marketing, and advertising came from growing up in my fathers hobby store and understanding business from the inside out since I was a kid. Being able to put a brand on something and make it unique enough to sell to multiple groups of people is a fascinating subject that I will never grow tired of learning about. The interaction I was able to get with many different types of people started a fascination with other cultures. I strive to travel when I graduate and learn about different global marketing tactics.

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