Picture of Rebecca Bunker

Rebecca Bunker

Greeley, United States



Date Certified: Mar 6, 2014

I am currently in my final year as a Marketing student at the University of Northern Colorado. My time in school has given me the concrete and in-depth knowledge of different aspects of the Marketing industry. In my advertising class, I was able to complete an entire marketing plan for Crabtree Brewery (the final product is available in the Projects section). I was able to also complete market research for the City of Greeley, and my group's analysis was chosen by the City and investors for retail development (final report is in the Projects section). Also, I have taken classes on social media, which along with basic tutorials, have taught me to target specific markets, as well as how to professionally maintain different accounts.

Creativity is very important in my professional and personal life. I am a musician, and have played guitar and drums for many years. I am constantly brainstorming and writing down different ideas that can be implemented in future career opportunities, or school projects.

My concrete knowledge of marketing and natural creativity is beautifully paired together in my copywriting career choice. As an intern, I was able to produce multiple different types of copy, from print to web, which showed me my true talent for copywriting. My wit was able to be used for a business purpose, which allows me to wake up every day excited to get back to work on different projects.

I get emotional over beautiful typography and great copy. And I have no problem with that.