Picture of Caitlin Cumpson

Caitlin Cumpson

Greeley, United States


Date Certified: Feb 25, 2014

Senior at the University of Northern Colorado.  Double major in Accounting and Marketing.  Future CPA and Auditor.

I am currently a senior at the University of Northern Colorado in the Monfort College of Business.  I will be graduating soon with a double major in accounting and marketing.  I enjoy the logical and strategic aspects of accounting coupled with the creative and unconventional aspects of marketing.  My background in both areas provides me with a unique perspective of the business world when it comes to client and consumer interaction.  My passion for accounting blossomed as I progressed through my degree and gained experience in the field.  Upon graduation, I want to pursue a career in public accounting and become a CPA.

I want to start a career in public accounting because of the immense amount of learning and opportunities it can provide.  As a staff accountant, I will have the opportunity to audit many different industries.  This will be challenging and also allow me to see many different approaches to accounting.  I am also excited about developing relationships with my colleagues and clients.  I will enjoy being in a business process that is so critical to society.

My personal interests include skiing, CrossFit, cooking, health food, traveling, spending time with family and friends, and reading.