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Federica Bologna

Greeley, United States


Date Certified: Feb 26, 2014

Business Student at University of Trieste, on an Exchange Program at University of Northern Colorado | Global Marketing | Consumer Behavior | Advertising and Promotion | @FedericBologna

My name is Federica Bologna and I am an exchange italian student at University of Northern Colorado. Over the last years I have put my attention on global marketing topics, focusing on the changing attitudes and behaviors of the consumer.

We live in a continuous changing environment and I really want to be able analyzing and understanding where we are going. This could be an important way of understanding people around me and myself too. I am really interested in studying the brain process while we are on our decision and buying process. This also include understanding my choices and my functionalities in everyday life.

I look forward in the future to create my own business. In doing so I will use what I have learned in the real world.

My personal interests are spending time with my family, traveling, meeting new people.


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