Picture of Giancarlo Berroya

Giancarlo Berroya

San Jose, United States



Date Certified: Nov 9, 2013

If the workplace were considered a sports team, then Giancarlo would be one of those key team players that would greatly contribute to taking your organization to the championship.

Giancarlo possesses a very versatile skill set that assists him in adapting to different situations that he faces and connecting with a wide-range of people. He is a self-starter that has great decision-making skills and does not back down when given the opportunity to take leadership and command.

Giancarlo has never served in the military but some of the same core values and skills that are instilled within a great soldier have been implemented into his work ethic on an everyday basis such as: leadership, teamwork, responsibility, initiative, stress management, working with diverse people, service to others, and being physically healthy.

With a passionate belief in serving others and giving back to the community, Giancarlo volunteers at different organizations that are related to his passions and interests. He believes that if you want to change the world, you have to go out into the field and see first-hand what the problems are.

Giancarlo has a hunger and curiosity that pushes him to constantly learn new things to help improve his life as well as find ways to be more efficient in the workplace. He also likes to find the positive in every situation and enjoy a few laughs every now and then.

Giancarlo is currently working on getting his Social Media Strategist Certification (by late-December 2013) and is looking to work for a start-up company or an established corporation in their marketing or public relations department.

Specialties: Customer relations, staffing, social media, consumer research, writing, team building and collaboration, flexibility and multi-tasking, solution finder, creative direction