Picture of Jill Neumeister

Jill Neumeister

Gig Harbor, United States



Date Certified: Apr 1, 2013

Creative Director for Orca Design Group. Creative marketing communications for branding. (Since 1993)

Creative design professional with broad experience in all aspects of brand design, marketing design and web development. Creative Director and Principal of Orca Design Group for over 18 years. Graphic designer, illustrator and photographer with substantial experience in retail store planning and in-store marketing.

An experienced and sought-after package designer and brand developer who assists companies seeking to target their products to Walmart, Costco and top-tier retail outlets. Direct experience with these retail categories: Meat and Seafood, Produce, Bakery and Deli, Beauty and Health, Snacks, Gourmet and more. Interested in early-stage brand development of retail product lines with planned SKU and location expansion.

Web designer and developer with a particular interest in brand-centric websites that merge strategic design and messaging with functionality to create branded websites that serve as a social brand hub. Specializing in updating a company or brand’s identity while redesigning their website, then assisting them in conforming their brand message and “look” between their online and offline marketing strategies. 

Broad experience in designing for traditional print marketing such as: Brand Logo Design & Cards, Company Brochure & Handouts, Primary Branded Advertising, Special Promotion Advertising, Postcards & Direct Mail, Trade Show Booth & Banners, Signs & Poster Design, Printed Newsletter Design.

Specialties:Brand Design, Print Design Web Design and Development, Online Marketing, Offline Marketing and Managed Marketing, Product and Food Photography and Package Design