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Meg Hykes

Cincinnati, United States



Date Certified: Dec 10, 2013

What Sweet Chix VA Does For You To successfully grow your business you need to be out in front of your customers and potential customers 24/7!  You need to be interacting with them and creating a friendship  -  a bond.  Today this is being done through Social Media channels.  If you don’t have a strong  Social Media presence right now  -  you are losing customers to another company who does.
In today’s market, your business needs to be active on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ with YouTube and Instagram nipping at their heels. Sound overwhelming?Wondering how you will ever keep up with it all? No need!  That’s why you hired Sweet Chix VA!  We build your Social Media presence for you.   By placing and keeping your business at the forefront of the today’s latest  trends.  You keep building your business  -  we’ll keep your customers talking about you!

Your Social Media Team
Meg Hykes, Owner