Picture of Naiah Donna Laxa

Naiah Donna Laxa

Angeles City, Philippines



Date Certified: Jan 10, 2013



I'm Naiah Donna Laxa of Pampanga. My colleagues and friends call me iah. I’m a pure Filipino. For the past 5 years, I've been with call center industry. I’ve been through customer service and collections. And just recently I decided to change my career path. With the help of Cecilio Bong Ramos, Kevin Leversee and Antoine  Houdaille, I joined Igo2group Philippines now KINSHIPdigital.

Honestly, I don’t really have any background of being a data analyst. But when I first heard about it my curiosity wins. I’ve searched and asked people about it. And I found it interesting. So I decided to send my resume to Igo2 and face the interview. Fortunately I passed. I’m now a Social Business Intelligence Analyst. All these things are new to me. I'm still on the process of learning. With my dedication and with the help of my colleagues and bosses, I know I can make it. Igo2 simply offers me everything, a good career path and really a financial rewarding job.