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Location: Atlanta, United States

Website: www.rareagent.com

Twitter: @RareAgent

Date Certified: 14 Nov 2012

HootSuite Certified Professional

Margaret Bieler

RareAgent is a creative marketing and social tutoring company that gives people access to different approaches on making their business bloom. We're an energetic bunch who have different creative advantages. Sparkol gave us the keys to show how you can be both fun and professional without driving leads away. It also gave us an avenue to show our artistic skills and really speak our minds. visit www.rareagent.com to learn more or call us at 770.367.2795



HootSuite Setup - Streams, Keywords, Search, LinkedIn Usage & Training, Prospecting Strategy, Driving Conversations, Lead Nurturing, Social Media Campaigns, Email Marketing, Inside Sales Training, Salesforce CRM, Executive to Executive Peer Programs

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