Picture of Kevin McLaren

Kevin McLaren

Sydney, Australia



Date Certified: Dec 17, 2012

Working in the financial services with a keen interest in communications both academically and in business, I believe that social media can be a very strong component of an organizations broader comms strategy. Driving product/service improvement and adding to the bottom line by pulling in revenue through both lead generation and branding activities; social media is the double edged sword that must be implemented and maintained with the utmost care. It sits in the spectrum between marketing and PR (called Marcomms by some) and a solid understanding of both is essential to successful engagement in its spaces and places. 

Never before has there been a tool so powerful for organizations to communicate with their marketplace and I really hope to get to opportunity to work with many great people in this emerging area. With a hospitality and marketing background I firmly believe in customers, transparency, strategy and making the best ROI possible. 

I am currently based in Sydney and with flexible hours I look forward to the challenges of helping companies grow, make money and prosper.