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Shem MD

Malang, Indonesia



Date Certified: May 27, 2014

Shem MD is a young doctor who really have passion about travel and food. He started his hobby of writing about travel and food since he graduated from medical school and became the founder of www.travelfore.com. Through blog created by him, he aspires to gather stories from people all over the world about their experience in the travel and food. He also was a true lover of the art of magic, musical instruments, and mind blowing movies. And most importantly he is a big fan of Liverpool Football Club. The words are often out of him was "Nomad is my middle name !"

Shem MD also get Internet Marketing Fundamentals Practitioner Certification, Social Media Practitioner Certification, Content Marketing Practitioner Certification, Display Advertising Practitioner Certification from Marketmotive.com and a member of OMCP Organization.

Shem MD also get Hootsuite Certified Professional and a Hootsuite Media Inc. Community Ambassador for Asia Pacific (ID) (Volunteer)

Passionate in Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing and Social Media.
Specialties: Entrepreneurship, Business Building, Creative Strategy, Social Media Strategist, Travel and Food Blogging, General Medical Practitioner, Skin Care Business, Magic Props and Concept Consultant.