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Location: Victoria, Canada

Website: www.playitloudmusic.com

Twitter: @playitloudmusic

Date Certified: 01 Oct 2013

HootSuite Certified Professional

Aaron Bethune


Aaron Bethune is a music industry entrepreneur going by the title of music specialist and creative collaborator. He is an author and music educator. Originally from Montreal, he lived in England and Spain before landing on Vancouver Island.


Bethune has spent the past two decades studying music as both a player and business consultant. Twenty plus years of music study and industry involvement has made him both a welcome source of marketing and booking advice, as well as a hired gun for his ability to “serve the song.”


In today’s industry, the need for both the creative element and business sense has spurred Bethune into his avid interest in the art of networking, connecting the dots and helping artists reach their goals. His workshops and courses cover all of his personal experience and expertise and the topics can honestly tell the tale of reality within the music industry today.


While living in Spain, Bethune was involved in the Spanish tourism and entertainment industry. His main focus? The music industry. He has booked tours large and small for independents and label bands combined. Two favorites being Sly & The Family Stone in Japan and Johnny Cash’s band in Spain. He is a consultant for records labels, publishers, and artists. His clients go beyond the music industry and include companies wanting to turn clients and customers into fans and their businesses into rockstars.


His company, PlayItLoudMusic, focuses on Music Licensing, Marketing, Management, Touring and Branding.


Aaron is an accredited FACTOR juror and has a degree in Jazz Performance from Vancouver Island University.


Aaron consults privately.


Every week Aaron interviews movers and shakers in the industry on his “Above The Noise Music Industry Podcast.” Check it out here:

Above The Noise Music Industry Podcast http://www.abovethenoise.ca


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