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Anurag Mishra

New Delhi, India



Date Certified: Aug 17, 2013

I am a Social Media Marketing Consultant and Strategist, providing businesses with the tools to be successful in selling their products or services online.

Having set up a number of businesses myself and worked in sales and marketing roles over the past 8 years I understand the challenges of developing an effective social media marketing strategy and ultimately a strong brand in the changing market place of today.

I have extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of Blogging, Copywriting, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Traffic and Lead Generation, developing new business opportunities and helping businesses establish their online presence in order to spread their ideas, target their potential target audiences and attract loyal followers.

I base my monthly social media management packages off of a set number of “actions” each month across one or more platforms. An “action” can be posting a new post or interacting with other people on the platform.

For example, the first package below might consist of actions completed on the Facebook, Twitter and Google + platforms - including 50 actions on each. Actions could be posting a new status update on Facebook, Liking a related Page, composing a Tweet, Retweeting another user’s Tweet, sharing a photo on Google +, or adding a relevant user to Circles.

Actions have far reaching benefits - when I add relevant users to Circles on Google +, for example, they can follow back, increasing your reach. When I post on Facebook, the fan base can like, comment and share the post. When I create a Tweet or Retweet another user, others can share that content forward as well. These additional benefits are natural and don’t count towards the total number of actions!

Monthly packages can be purchased month to month, or ask about my discount for 3 and 6 month contract plans.


● 150 Actions - $295 Per Month - Up to 3 Platforms

● 300 Actions - $495 Per Month - Up to 5 Platforms

● 500 Actions - $795 Per Month - Up to 7 Platforms

Platforms include:

● Facebook

● Twitter

● LinkedIn

● Google+

● YouTube

● Pinterest

● Digg

● StumbleUpon

...and more!

Enquire Now: @ anuragm.3001@gmail.com