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arielle dundas

Den Haag, Netherlands



Date Certified: Jan 14, 2014

I’m inquisitive, compassionate, and driven to communicate. I’ve spent most of my 27 years as a student of the world and now I’m anxious to contribute to it. I’ve honed the bedrock skills of critical thinking and meaningful communication valuable in any of the many fields that excite the philosopher in me. I have a constant thirst for knowledge.

A seasoned traveler and “a third culture kid,” I’m flexible and can adapt to a wide variety of organizational systems and environments. As a philosopher and a world-class debater, I've trained my mind to view a problem from all sides. Yes, I can fit into your organization but I will bring a fresh perspective too. Finding unique solutions and using my talents, drive and resources to see them through thrills me.

I am available for employment on either a full-time or part-time basis. I currently offer the following services:

* I train professionals to use public speaking and critical thinking to further their careers.
* I train students in all debate formats.
* I moderate public debates and meetings.
* I provide social media and communications support to organizations, primarily non-profits.