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Bill Strupp

Trinity, United States



Date Certified: Feb 1, 2012




Small Business Sales & Marketing Consultants

Palm Bay Consulting is a firm created to help small and emerging businesses Strengthen their Brand by embracing Current Technologies and Modern Marketing Strategies

We take our time to create a solution based upon a clients specific needs and wants versus handing over the same solution to each client.  Our solutions are unique, relevant and scrutinized to ensure all our clients needs are met and exceeded.

Our services Include:

Web Design and Enhancement

We can improve your business online presence by either creating a new website or improving an existing website for a cleaner and more professional look.


Social Media Development

We get your company engaged on the latest social media platforms that will encourage client engagement.  We will help build your profiles around your specific bussiness model and give you an easy to use platform to stay engaged.

Comprehensive Training and Coaching

We want you to succeed with your new online tools and understand that everyone learns differently.  Palm Bay Consulting provides extensive training and support documentation to make sure you know how to utilize your new platforms.

Sales and Marketing Planning

Albert Einstien defined the Insanity as, "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."  We agree with this definition and offer customized and unique sales and marketing plans.

I look forward to helping your business today!

Bill Strupp


Palm Bay Consulting


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