Picture of Chase Caldwell

Chase Caldwell

Danbury, CT, United States



Date Certified: Jun 4, 2011

With a Entertainment Business education, Chase strives to unify his vivid Imagination with his strategic business beliefs, conceiving him to understand how to emotionally satisfying customers expectations with Marketing and Promoting Events. 
His education from Full Sail University has given him real world experience handing different fields of Entertainment. Ranging from Music, Films, Television and Event Planning. Wither it his knowledge of musical trends or knowing how to budget, direct and create the most sought after events. Chase’s broad spectrum of the entertainment business gives him the ability to merge all of these qualities giving him leverage and connections within different field of the industry. 
He is passionate Dj with an authentic ear for music and talent, he uses this to provoke thought and move crowds. He spins wide range musical interest while fusing it with the latest Hip-Hop, Pop and Dance. This makes it possible for him to diversify his markets with performances and gigs.