Picture of Chris Rose

Chris Rose

Greeley, United States



Date Certified: Feb 28, 2014

I am currently a senior marketing student at the University of Northern Colorado Monfort College of Business. I am very interested in Sports Marketing and Promotion; I feel that what I have learned so far will help me with pursuing my dream of being a Sports Marketer To gain an upper hand I am currently in the process of working for the University Northern Colorado Athletic Department as the Marketing and Promotions intern. The skill set I am learning through this internship and also with the classes I have taken in school will help me with being a professional in Sports Marketing.

Leadership - I am President of American Marketing Association Monfort College of Business Chapter. In this role I am in charge of the day to day operation along with planning for the future. I am in charge with finding consulting project for our members to gain insight into the business world. I was also President of the American Advertising Federation Monfort College of Business Chapter. In this we had to build an integrated marketing campaign for Glidden Paint sold at Walmart. We won the Best Promotional Idea at the regional conference.

Communication - Being the Publicity Coordinator for the 9news Health fair I was able to communicate with people that were not familiar with marketing and explain to them what needed to be done to increase the number of participants at the event. With the 9health fair I was also more in the promotional side and coming up with the marketing plan from start to finish. Working in the Athletic Department has taught me to implement in game promotions and how to set up for events and also working with employees and making sure that they know what their jobs are for the game.

Entrepreneurship Mind Set- I am fortunate enough to have worked in two startup businesses and to be able to see how important spending money on advertising and promotion needs to have some return. This will help me with my goal of working in Sports Marketing.