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Cynthia Medina

Pembroke Pines, United States



Date Certified: May 30, 2010

I'm an Online Learning Community Manager for a Technology corporation. I manage the implementation of new digital, multimedia & Social Media solutions to enhance user experience & engagement. I've been responsible for the implementation of blogs, wikis, online communities (for employees), podcast, forums, and mobile learning, content sharing, and more.

I'm a self-started who is always willing to learn & teach others new tricks. I have a passion for Social Media, a knack for technology, and I’m an experienced Technical Trainer which makes me a great Social Media Specialist and Manager. My specialty is to develop and deliver Social Media Boot Camp programs based on the needs, setting up optimized social profiles, monitoring and measuring conversations, and providing best practices and tips to increase user engagement.

In my spare time I love testing new ways of using Social Media to collaborate with others and sharing my reviews. Feel free to contact me to become a beta tester for your app whether it's online, desktop app or on the iPhone.

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