Picture of Dawne Tortorella

Dawne Tortorella

Riverside, IL, United States


Date Certified: Sep 6, 2012

Owner and founder of BellCow, Inc, a technology consulting firm providing technology planning for a wide range of organizations, including libraries, educational institutions and non-profits. She is an adjunct faculty member at San Jose State University’s School of Library and Information Science and has taught at Dominican University’s Graduate School of Library and Information Science. Prior to founding BellCow, Dawne served as Director of Academic Computing and Administrative Computing at DePaul University, and served as the IT Director for the National Alzheimer’s Association.

Interests include study of social network analysis in organizational development and the impact of social media tools in professional development. In addition, Dawne is an active online learner experiencing first-hand the MOOC (Massive Open Online Classroom) movement and is interested in the role libraries will play in this arena.