Picture of Diane Carter

Diane Carter

Atlanta, Georgia, United States



Date Certified: May 9, 2012

If you're like most small businesses, you've been forced to make some difficult decisions about how and where to spend your marketing dollars. It's time to focus on efficiency ~ namely, making sure you're getting the maximum results from your leaner budget.

I can help you with this. By partnering, you'll gain access to social marketing knowledge, flexibility, and a dedicated and passionate individual while gaining more time to spend on your business growth.

With me you’ll tap 3 decades’ of experience including 10 years of social media experience, you gain someone who can:

• Plan, execute and maintain your social media campaigns and strategies 
• Manage your social media online reputation
• Develop your authentic social voice for your social media platforms
• Establish consistency of message across multiple social networks 

Let's schedule a brief meeting where we can brainstorm some ideas about optimizing your company’s social media plan.

Drop me an email to arrange a meeting: diane.carter@sam101.com