Picture of Carla McCasland

Carla McCasland

San Francisco, United States


Date Certified: Apr 18, 2012

Online Analyst, Advertising Strategist and Social Media Professional

* I am a thinker/doer whose position is one of pure intelligence, giving clients insights as to what is happening amongst their customers, their competitors, and other stakeholders
* I take pictures of the world and collect intelligence as I go, providing a framework of insights, strategies and tactics for improving business 
* I sketch out target audiences based on initial briefings combined with preliminary research
* I tear through stacks of data, reports, popular websites, news articles, and any other primary or secondary resources I can get my hands on 
* I tease out the cool bits of data that I could hang a story or insight upon
* I create profiles, personas, days-in-the-life, etc. that bring the data to life
* I write creative briefs that spell out who we're talking to, why we're talking to them, what we want them to know, what we want them to do, and where to find them
* I have the creatives' backs when they need more information or data to justify the awesome execution they've got planned

I love digital interactive. I love qualitative research.


Storytelling. Target market research. Qualitative analysis