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Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

Website: about.me/gregoryfiguereo

Twitter: @GregoryFiguereo

Date Certified: 23 Dec 2012

HootSuite Certified Professional

Gregory Figuereo

I have been doing internet marketing for over 7 years and also have expeience in sales, customer service and managment. I pride myself on being able to improve upon marketing campaigns and excel in developing custom marketing campaigns that I usually divide into 3 categories:

1.) Get you clients NOW
2.) Get you an increased amount of clients gradually.
3.) Retain the clients you have and/or use them to get you more clients or revenue.

To come up with these plans I analyze your product, website, social media accounts and/or anything else that we could use to as leverage to get your company more revenue.

I have skills in SEO, PPC (Bing Ads Accredited Professional), Link Building, Social Media Marketing, Viral Marketing, e-Commerce and Landing Page Optimization, most of which in management. Along with knowledge of social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube, I also know how to build marketing campaigns involving Google Places, Facebook Places, Foursquare, Tripadvisor and more.

Contact me for freelance projects or other job opportunities. My contact info is below:

Phone: 607-821-7736
Email: gregory.figuereo(at)gmail,com

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