Picture of Jane McAnallen

Jane McAnallen

Pittsburgh, United States



Date Certified: Apr 5, 2014

I’m a first year advertising student at Point Park University. I’m a solid writer, a deep thinker and I have a good eye for design. I’m passionate about kindness, and my dream job is working for the Advertising Council.

I work at my university’s newspaper, the Globe, and have won the paper’s Silver Pen Award twice. As the Assistant News Editor, I cover the United Student Government, write and edit news stories, find stories and help create the layout of the paper. I’ve written news, features and opinion pieces and I’ve covered many important issues at the Globe. This has given me experience working under tight deadlines, writing for a publication and summarizing information from interviews into stories relevant to our readers.

After my first semester I was invited to be the president of Point Park’s new random acts of kindness club. I created the constitution, set up the social media and organized and ran our events. I also crafted our brand, renaming the club Pioneers for Kindness, getting us a professional logo and creating events around our mission to create a community and culture of kindness at Point Park. This opportunity has allowed me to feed my passion for kindness and get experience creating brands and publicity.

I love writing, but I’d like to study more research and statistics before I graduate. I’m looking to intern at ad agencies in Pittsburgh, and would love the opportunity to work here. I’m up for anything and interested in exploring copywriting, account planning, social media management and public relations.

Feel free to contact me about job opportunities, internships or if you just think I’m neat.