Picture of Javier Aranda Serralbo

Javier Aranda Serralbo

London, United Kingdom



Date Certified: Oct 7, 2013

I define the steps that companies need to follow in order to achieve their goals. I analyse their market, products and services, creating a future-proof strategy and brand image that engages the target consumer.

As my client, you will have access to my extensive knowledge of branding and consumer behaviour to:

• Hone your website with usability techniques that create a better experience for your online customers

• Improve your product’s appearance with innovative sales techniques

• Redefine your brand image to emotionally engage with your customers and boost their loyalty

• Enhance your web content by using SEO techniques and copy that is more attractive to your online customers

• Manage your marketing strategy to follow a step-by-step route to successfully launch your product/services

• Execute market research that can tell you who are the right target consumers for your product/services

• Nurture your projects with an organized and professional mindset, always delivering to the highest standards

• On-demand translations from English into Spanish, excellent copywriting skills and an eagle eye for proofreading

• Work with attention to detail, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to achieve your goals

I look forward to working with you,

Please don’t hesitate to contact me: javieraranda@outlook.com or +44 20 71 93 24 94