Picture of Jafar Kazerooni

Location: Itajaí, Brazil

Website: www.linkedin.com/in/jkazerooni

Twitter: @jkazerooni

Date Certified: 06 Feb 2013

HootSuite Certified Professional

Jafar Kazerooni

English: Professional specialized in the development and implementation of interactive media and promotional plans to support the clients' marketing and institutional goals across a variety of digital channels. Experienced in managing digital marketing initiatives such as PPC advertising and on-site SEO. Great understanding of Social Networks and Websites monitoring using analytical tools to translate data/metrics into strategic actions.

Português: Profissional experiente no gerenciamente de iniciativas de Marketing Digital, tais como campanhas de links patrocinados, monitoramento de redes sociais e websites utilizando ferramentas analíticas para traduzir dados e métricas em ações estratégicas que resultem em lucro e retorno do investimento.

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