Picture of Kevin Harding

Kevin Harding

Vancouver, Canada



Date Certified: Oct 5, 2012

Kevin Harding has a passion for working with nonprofit and advocacy groups on their projects that work towards a better world.  He holds an MA in Political Science from York University in Toronto, and has worked in a variety of nonprofit and advocacy positions.  He has experience working with government, members, boards, and other stakeholders, and can put his experience to work strategizing with you, working with your groups, facilitating meetings, events, strategies, and plans – and working together.

Kevin is intimately involved in the nonprofit sector, and is the President of the Art for Impact Society – learn more about Art for Impact here.

Kevin has media and public relations training, and has worked professionally for a nonprofit organization’s social media outreach efforts.  He enjoys communicating with passionate members and supporters, and can work with your organization to ensure your communications online and offline are the best that they can be.