Picture of Lorri Ratzlaff

Lorri Ratzlaff

Abbotsford, Canada



Date Certified: Oct 1, 2011

Lorri Ratzlaff is a Creative Social Media Solutions Expert.

She assists and trains established brick and mortar business owners of all sizes and varieties, as well as entrepreneurs and those that work from home in any capacity [network marketing, etc.], on the latest social media marketing strategies and tactics so that they build brand awareness, know how to include and engage their fans and followers using the culture of their brand and ultimately help increase sales and grow their businesses by Making Sense of Social Media.

She provides simple, actionable and results driven methods for efficient, effective and enlightening social media marketing.

Her motto has always been “A poorly planned and executed Social Media presence is worse than NO presence at all.“

Since January 2011 Lorri has assisted many different types of businesses and industries in their social media marketing, such as [but not limited to]:
• Automobile Dealerships
• Mortgage Broker
• Notary Public
• Real Estate Agents
• Financial Planner / Adviser
• Furniture Store
• Golf Course
• Specialty Health Food Store
• International Trampoline Company
• Vacuum Manufacturer / Distributor
• Specialty Horse Farm

Lorri’s passion is public speaking and getting out there meeting and connecting with the people! If you are interested in booking Lorri for a presentation please visit the Contact Page to make arrangements.

Lorri frequently networks in Vancouver, British Columbia so be sure to seek her out if you need help or assistance with your social media marketing and are at the same event as her.

After 20+ years in the “corporate” world Lorri chose to go out on her own and follow her entrepreneurial spirit. Her passion is to help business owners of all varieties find success with social media marketing, and to help them make it as authentic, pleasurable and profitable an experience as possible for their followers and fans!

Lorri teaches that the #1 goal of social media marketing is to get your followers to get to know, like and trust you, and that takes planning, effort and strategy. Lorri also teaches the benefits of tactics, tools and timing, as these are all essential elements in successful social media marketing.

Visit her blog regularly for updates on social media how-to’s as Lorri is a frequent and consistent blogger.

Lorri is extremely passionate about personal development as well and is thrilled to be emerging on new projects regularly on subjects related to success mindset, confidence and entrepreneurship.

Her goal is to one day reach 1 million women and men entrepreneurs to help them succeed!