Picture of Lisardo Crespo

Lisardo Crespo

Barcelona, Spain


Date Certified: Feb 5, 2014

Communication & Marketing.


  • eBusiness Campaign Executive -- Vanguard Spain
  • Marketing executive -- Dagatron
  • Marketing & SEO Assistant -- Open House Group
  • Work experience -- Adolfo Domínguez S.A.
  • PERSONAL: Napalmart.com


  • Masters of Creation, Management and Innovation -- Vigo University
  • Management and Administration Degree, Marketing Major -- Vigo University
  • Business Degree, Marketing specialization -- Vigo University
  • ISEP, International Students Exchange Program -- San José State University & University of Chester
  • ERASMUS -- University of Catania.


Spanish, Galician, English and Italian


Mediating skills: Experience as a secretary of a cultural association.

Team work: I have joined several sport teams in different countryes, usually as a player but also as a coach.

Intercultural skills: I have spent several years abroad, interacting with people from many different cultures. In USA I was part of the University International House, where I lived and worked with people from 30 different countries.

Computer skills

Good command of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) and programs for

producing and editing graphics and videos. For instance: PhotoShop, Fireworks and Vegas

Movie Studio.

Good command of Google tools and services: Adwords, Analytics, Merchant, Insights,

Webmaster tools, etc.; and other SEO tools like Open Site Explorer and Ahrefs.

Familiar with Internet, the social networks and shopping websites.


Enjoy all sports, particularly biking, football, hiking and skiing.

Love to travel and experience different cultures, environments and languages.