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Location: Philadelphia, United States

Website: provirtualsolutions.com

Twitter: @provirtual

Date Certified: 05 Sep 2011

HootSuite Certified Professional

Mary Motz

Online Marketing Support, WordPress Websites, Google Apps Services

I love to help solopreneurs conquer the web. Not just websites and blogs – but their whole virtual office infrastructure.  After years of testing, kicking tires and tinkering, I’m uniquely qualified to establish your bullet-proof, easy-maintenance online business systems, leveraging the best of what the web has to offer and minimizing your cost of ownership.  In addition to my career experience, I’m a Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW – Professional/Site Design) and a Internet Marketing Certified VA.

I am also a member of several virtual professional organizations, including International Association of Online Business ManagersInternational Virtual Assistants Association and am a former President of the Delaware Valley Virtual Assistants Association.

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