Picture of Maurizio Croce

Location: Saluzzo - Cuneo, Italy

Website: www.creativ-ita.com

Twitter: @m_crox

Date Certified: 06 Dec 2012

HootSuite Certified Professional

Maurizio Croce

Italian, 37 years old, IT-Geek since 1989. I started with the Commodore 16 and "I grew up, with bread and bits".

Now I am:

  • CMM Programmer (precision measurements for Automotive World) on Carl Zeiss Calypso Systems
  • Web Developer (mostly PHP and Mysql) and Manager
  • CMS Manager (mostly Joomla! and Wordpress) and developer
  • SEO Consultant
  • Community Manager, Marketing and Socialmedia Strategist
  • Hootsuite University Certified ! ^__^

Feel free to contact me on Twitter (@m_crox), I'm always happy to know smart people!

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