Picture of Naully Nicolas

Naully Nicolas

Geneva, Switzerland



Date Certified: Jun 21, 2011

I have always been fascinated by the ways human beings communicate with each other. Coming from a background in technology and a strong interest in History, I have a deep, abiding interest in the melding of relationships, culture and technology.

So what is a social media specialist? If you define a specialist as a person who is skilled in, and concentrates primarily on, a particular subject- that’s me. Many descriptions abound for people working in this field: social media strategist, social media evangelist, social media maven, social media enthusiast, social media consultant, social media coach, social media expert…confusing right?

But if you condensed all those terms into a single concept, it would be this: a skilled craftsperson with in-depth knowledge of social media (SM) who can help you create and implement a solid strategy, set achievable marketing goals, measure and analyze results, and understand your company’s potential.

If you have questions, want to discuss your ideas, or get some sound advice – contact me. I care most about helping you find your way through the hype and pointing you in the right direction. Or if you live in the Geneva area and want to chat about social media over something yummy, let me know.