Picture of Nick Crippen

Nick Crippen

Clermont, United States



Date Certified: Jun 12, 2013

Hello my name is Nick Crippen. I am currently a Senior at Saint Joseph's University pursuing a major in Marketing and a minor in Leadership, Ethics, and Organization Responsibility. I am interested in social media and digital marketing. I would like to work with analyzing web traffic, traffic trending, and demographic/psychographic data compiling. Analyzing 'big' data to find specific behaviors is extremely interesting to me.

Here's a little more about who I am:

Tall, friendly, and not very graceful I am sure to make you smile. DIY to the core with an eccentric taste in music, clothes, and entertainment I am always up to try something different.

I love meeting new people and conversing about ideas to see what makes them tick.

Liberal minded I am very open to everything and everyone even when it doesn't match my own philosophy.

I am a team player who will be your best friend if you want me to be. Witty, versatile, and charmingly sarcastic I can befriend anyone.