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Location: Round Rock, United States

Website: www.ourstoryinteractive.com

Twitter: @OSPublications

Date Certified: 18 Jun 2012

HootSuite Certified Professional

Nicole Eutsey

Bachelor of Communications, University of Texas at Austin Bachelor of Arts, University of Texas at Austin Master of Business Administration, University of Texas at Austin Project manager who thrives in dynamic environments and is enthusiastic about the endless possibilities of social media.
  • Fusion of project management and creative skills propel my ability to be innovative and implement action items.
  • Develop programs by maximizing business linkages and improving efficiencies.
  • Driven to build exceptional client relationships built on trust, confidence, and goodwill.
  • Adroit at identifying necessary talent and coordinating teams among business development, developers, information technology, sales, graphic design, and marketing groups.
  • Excellent at analyzing data and capitalizing on strategic change opportunities.
  • In tune to the creative process including initial concept, design, rework, and resource allocation.


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