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Nitsa DeVore

Tampa, United States



Date Certified: Feb 2, 2011

Ballywho Interactive is a Social Media Planning and Content Management service. Ballywho is managed by marketing and IT professionals that understand your brand and marketing vision. Social media can be one of the most important driving forces to grow your brand.

Ballywho Interactive is ideal for brands looking to break through the clutter with social media, individuals seeking to extend their personal brand and businesses seeking to grow grassroots support over time.

Ballywho Interactive’s service includes a client consultation to determine your social marketing objectives and vision. Your Ballywho team will then create a custom social media plan and execute that plan seamlessly. Our team will determine key social media portals to communicate your message based on your target market.

This service is not a throw it up and cross your fingers, it is a planned strategy to grow your brand via viral marketing and word of mouth marketing via social media channels. Plan can include, blogs, status updates on key social media sites, web postings, traffic and promotional messages,

Clients can expect an increase in brand awareness, increase in web traffic, increase in sales and increase in web chatter and reputation management via the web. We provide a proprietary system to create viral marketing for you via social media.