Picture of Pam Langley

Pam Langley

Montgomery, United States



Date Certified: Nov 10, 2011

One of my passions is using social media to maximize business growth. I am considered an EXpert by many in my community at utilizing social media for marketing. I volunteer for SCORE as a business mentor where I get to share this passion with others in our area.

Educating others is a large part of my daily activities, so I am often in front of a group of business associates sharing my knowledge of marketing using the many tools available through social media. I am fortunate to be naturally talented at marketing. The amazing resources available to business owners today provide a unique medium for everyone to operate their business in a global market for minimum cost.  I take all of my skills along with the available social media tools and focus on teaching business owners and associates how to become successful in their industry by implementing changes into their current business structure in order to grow their businesses. I find the challenge of working with new businesses and industries to be invigorating. At the end every project, my clients are well equipped to promote, advertise, and market their local business in a global market.

When I am not busy consulting a new client or business building for my existing clients. I love to enjoy the outdoors with my four year old daughter as well as visit my oldest daughter in Auburn. I also find time to volunteer at the River  Region United Way.