Picture of Elizabeth Pauley

Elizabeth Pauley

Oxford, United States



Date Certified: Mar 19, 2014

Hello! My name is Beth. I am a senior at Miami University majoring in Interactive Media Studies (IMS). This recently added major, examines how digital technology is transforming the world around us. While my focus is going to be web design, I am free to play, experiment, and innovate with various types of technology in order to seize the opportunities that interactive media presents.

My love of technology started off when I was young. I started off playing games on our Sega and eventually moved on to computer games. The game I remember most fondly is RollerCoaster Tycoon. I loved the power of creation I had to design the park the way I wanted it to look as well as the power to build rides bigger and better than the ones in the real world (I also liked the part where I earned lots of money).

Another passion that started early for me was travel. I have traveled quite a lot for family vacations but it was not recently that I was able to accomplish my goal of making it to the other side of the hemisphere. In the fall of 2012, I studied abroad in South Korea for one semester at Korea University. What I was most blown away by, besides the amazing culture, was how central technology is in their lives. That experience has been one of the highlights in my life and has only fueled my passion.

When I am not thinking about technology or traveling, I enjoy curling up in a comfy spot and reading. My favorite fiction genres include historical, adventure, and mystery. I am also a music lover and enjoy playing my flute in Miami's Pep Band.