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Location: Orange County & Los Angeles, United States

Website: www.linkedin.com/in/reachalana

Twitter: @reachalana

Date Certified: 13 Dec 2012

HootSuite Certified Professional

Alana Yarbrough

Always exploring whether trudging through the dense, humid jungles of Asia or interviewing terrorists in the cold cement canyon walls of the former HMS Maze Prison to submerging within the colorful depths of the Great Barrier Reef, Alana Yarbrough loves a grand adventure.

Working in the advertising industry developing successful social media strategies and campaigns with Fortune 500 and top-tier clients like Sony, Subaru, GQ, and American Express with an executive education from MIT Sloan in Cambridge, MA with an emphasis in Strategic Marketing, Alana now lives in S. California with her husband, kids, and a mohawk black standard poodle named Chuck.

For Christmas, she'd like a teleportation device that makes espresso for those days stuck in traffic... or perhaps the TARDIS with an iPhone 5 adapter.

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