Picture of Shikha Pakhide

Shikha Pakhide

Pune, India



Date Certified: Jan 3, 2012

Fresh out of college in 2003 with distinguished scores and gold medal under my belt, I started my career in International Sales and Marketing. And that’s the way it starts right…We marketers are required to get our hands dirty in Sales until we get the marketing fundas correct ! It was a roller coaster ride wherein I measured( still measuring ! ) the territories across the globe from Scandinavian Region to South America to Europe to India to China to South East Asia to Australia/New Zealand. It was a learning experience indeed ; Meeting Teams from different cultures, handling different products and Industries (Manufacturing, Logistics, Services) which enriched my scope of knowledge. I am never satisfied with the learning’s acquired and is always in search of new arenas which broadens my perspective and expertise. I am graduating from Traditional ways of Marketing to New/ Unexplored ways which adds value to my portfolio and also to the organization which I am associated with.

My Goal is to be in Sync with the Changing Dynamics of Marketing.