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Doug Shortt

Vancouver, Canada



Date Certified: Dec 18, 2011

NET-ZILLA Web Consulting Group

Influence Marketing for Mainstreet Business

My team and I help local business use Social Media Platforms, Google Places and Organic Local Search activity to promote their products and services profitably.

I offer advanced campaign tracking which clearly illustrates the effectiveness of a campaign and demonstrates the return on investment. This data is essential for optimizing online marketing efforts to get the best results possible.

The opportunity for local businesses and business groups to get fast online results is not widely understood.

My goal is to help these companies and organizations understand the full potential of localized online marketing and use it to find more clients and solidify relationships with existing members.

When creating content I'm a big fan of using video. My ideas are suited for local business owners and memberships that want to understand the strategies that currently offer the best ROI.

I produce the following kinds of video for my clients:

  • Sequenced picture and text - Collage Video
  • PowerPoint Video with voice over and music
  • Live Screen Capture Videos for online tool demos

If you think your marketing budget is underperforming and you'd like to know about other options, give me a call. I Can Help.

Doug Shortt
Principal Consultant

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