Picture of Sophie Ward

Sophie Ward

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom



Date Certified: Mar 10, 2014

Sophie Ward, 21, is a recent graduate from Teesside University. She finished in the 1st class, studying Media Studies. This is degree which came in useful to gaining critical understanding of media products and the ability to analyse a multitude of media texts. Taking an interest in film, Sophie used her dissertation to explore Horror Cinema, focussing on the Slasher genre. The whole process of the dissertation was major fun for her as it allowed her to aid the paper with an example script; Teenage Wasteland. (Short A/V)

From an early age, Sophie has pursued an active interest in writing and was accepted into The Writing Squad in 2012. This was something that has allowed her to practise her skills of writing for different audiences and mediums, as well as providing a tutor to discuss and help edit down some tales. Ideally, having now finished her studies, Sophie would like to get more established as a writer– getting her work produced on stage, or for screen, on-line and radio.

Passionate for drama, horror and comedy – 2013 saw Sophie complete a successful internship; working with BAFTA nominated film-maker, Tina Gharavi and have her radio play Out On Top be produced by Slug Low (commissioned by The Writing Squad) for 15 minutes Live – an event which saw 5 radio plays performed in front of a live audience in Leeds. The play is available online through The Writing Squad’s online ‘zine Push: http://www.writingsquad.com/push/issues/issue-3/

Sophie is currently living in Newcastle, writing tid-bits for Cuckoo Review & working with Third Films. Home of Better Things (2008) & Future Thriller Bypass. She continues to create stories and scripts during any and all free time, as well as slowly becoming a digital media God.  You can contact her at sophiemarieward@hotmail.co.uk or follow her via twitter @sofanielas