Picture of Stefanie Kiteley

Stefanie Kiteley

Greeley, United States



Date Certified: Mar 4, 2014

Marketing major and media studies minor at UNCO. Career interests in social media and advertising. Passionate about storytelling.

I am a reader.  I have had a library card for as long as I can remember and have utilized it frequently.  I have always loved books.  I love the way they feel and smell and look.  I love the way reading builds your imagination and can create visions in your mind.

I learned to love all sorts of media throughout my life.  I’ve heartily embraced the glossy sheen of magazines, the few hours of escapism that movies offer, and the way that television shows can make people cry and laugh week after week.  I will always love books, but I’ve found I ultimately enjoy stories, no matter the format.

I love stories.  Stories are important.  People connect, learn, and survive because of stories.

I have come to understand that effective advertisements are trying to tell a brand’s story.  And when it is done right, it is beautiful to watch and so exciting.

I have watched social media open up a whole new way of storytelling.  All of the new technology and innovations of the digital age are transforming the way we tell stories and the way we receive them.  Webseries, transmedia, and visual storytelling are all a part of social media.  They have made me realize just how creative, unique, and engaging one can be.

Storytelling, in all different formats and versions, has unlocked creative doors in my imagination.  I am ready for the next chapter in continuing my love of stories.

I am ready to create stories.