Picture of Taylor Rescignano

Taylor Rescignano

Syracuse, United States



Date Certified: Apr 3, 2014

Taylor Rescignano is a sophomore journalism student with a minor in writing at Ithaca College. She was raised in the restaurant industry at a family-run Italian joint in Syracuse, New York where she developed a passion for red sauce and parmigiano-reggiano. She offers her talents to The Ithacan as an arts and entertainment writer and Kitsch Magazine as a copyeditor. She is an aspiring food writer and amateur chef of all genres with a taste for adventure in her culinary exploits. She is fluent in various social media outlets and uses her knowledge of them to build her own brand as well as create a presence for various organizations that she is involved with.

When she's not writing, editing, cooking, or any combination of the three, she is the webmaster of the Cornell University Synchronized Skating Team, treasurer of the Ithaca College Figure Skating Club, recreational skier, Buffalo Sabres hockey fanatic, and general winter sports enthusiast.