Picture of Wout Gijsbers

Wout Gijsbers

Deurne, Netherlands



Date Certified: Jun 4, 2013

Who am I?
I am an efficiency-focused, rational, structured, critical and unconventional person who thrives in (team) situations where I am forced to approach complex problems from multiple perspectives.
I am a person with a deep-seated interest in digital media, sociology, psychology and sustainability.
I am a fond believer in the power of humor.

What defines my professional experience?
My professional experience mostly consists of working in small yet diverse teams with widely varying sets of (both practical and strategical) task. This has thought me to approach complex problems from both a pragmatic and conceptual, yet rational perspective.
In addition my professional experience has taught me to think on different levels, incorporating views from individuals with widely variant backgrounds.

What is 59 STAPLES?
The combination of my interests, background and experience have led me to found 59 STAPLES, a Digital Media company that strives to combine Digital Media Marketing with Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability.

59 STAPLES helps organisations and brands develop and implement flexible, concrete and sustainable Digital Media Marketing Strategies.

The goal: to make Marketing sustainable.

For more information check www.59staples.com
Or contact me directly via wout@59staples.com