Picture of Ian Archibald

Ian Archibald

Burlington, Canada



Date Certified: Sep 19, 2013

I love to help small businesses and individuals access the interenet and to help guide them into the social media universe.


Once, Robert Kiyosaki, world renowned author and businessman said that "there has not been a better time to start your own business". He also said that "in order to be successful one needs two things: the knowledge and someone with experience to show the ropes.". I listened. Now I have the privilege of teaching others with what I have learned. I want to help you AND your business succeed in the Social Media Universe.
Who Am I? What I Do?

My name is Ian Archibald.  I am the owner of You In Social Media, a Social Media Management/Consulting company. I can talk geek and sling code with the best of them, but I would not consider myself an IT professional. I can design award winning marketing and sales campaigns, but I am no marketing professional. I can write blogs, and know how to get people to follow you, but I am not a so called "Social Media Expert" (what ever than means).

What I am is a person that can bridge Marketing, Sales, Social Media, and Technology, and YOUR vision.

I have more than 30 years computers experience and more than 15 years working in the Social Collaboration.

I have the unique ability to think "out of the box" about unsolved problems and untried solutions.  An award winning professional with a depth of business expertise, as well as a proven track record of success of turning ideas into solutions.

Key Talents
  • Strong business skills and a solid commercial understanding of customer requirements.
  • A goal-driven project manager of complex, large-scale software solutions.
  • Extensive technical consultancy skills.
  • Excellent presentation, documentation and communication skills
  • An approachable, yet results-oriented, trainer, team leader, and coach.
  • Innovative, accurate and flexible.
  • Ability to communicate with customers without the unnecessary use of industry jargon.
  • I have a firm belief that you provide not only what the customer asks, but what they truly need to succeed in sharing their vision/product/service.
  • I am very passionate about Social Media/Collaboration

When I am not focusing on Social Media, or Social Collaboration, I am a soccer coach, connector of people, blogger, author and trainer, and work for the largest software company in Canada as a Senior Services Engineer in charge of Telephony, and Social Collaboration/Social Media.

Weather is a huge passion of mine.  I've been storm chasing for more than 25 years.  My Twitter handle of "MajorTwister" is a result of that passion.